Audio-visual Lombard speech

The audio-visual Lombard Grid speech corpus is a bi-view audiovisual Lombard speech corpus which can be used to support joint computational-behavioral studies in speech perception. The corpus includes 54 talkers, with 100 utterances per talker (50 Lombard and 50 plain utterances). This dataset follows the same sentence format as the audiovisual Grid corpus, and can thus be considered as an extension of that corpus. The sentence sets used in the Lombard Grid corpus are unique, however, and have not been utilized by the Grid corpus.

Consistent confusions

The English Consistent Confusion Corpus is a large-scale collection of noise induced British English speech misperceptions. These misperceptions have been elicited by asking listeners to transcribe English words mixed with complex noise backgrounds.



Loudia is a Free Software audio processing library written in C++. It implements a variety of common processing blocks such as Windowing, FFT/IFFT, FIR/IIR Filters, onset detectors, pitch estimation, MFCC, LPC, NMF.

  • Loudia (GNU/GPL v3 or later)


Geomerative is a library for Processing. It extends 2D geometry operations to facilitate generative geometry. Includes a TrueType font and an SVG interpreters. This library exposes the shapes (such as vector drawings or typographies) in a more approchable way. Geomerative simplifies access to the paths, the handles and the points, making it easy to develop generative typography and geometry pieces in Processing.


Fisica is a wrapper around the 2D physics simulation library JBox2D. It tries to make it much easier to create physical models by exposing an object oriented API similar to PPhys2D physics library for Processing. This library was designed mainly for educational purposes.

  • Fisica for Processing (Java)