Caligraft (2006) is a generative art work which consists of a series of interactive pieces exploring the limits of representation in typographies and texts.

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Mechanical attractors

Mechanical attractors (2010) is a collection of virtual artifacts involving simple physical interactions that are concrete, predictable and easy to understand for everyone. The output of the experiments consists simply in drawing the paths of some of the objects in the scene.

Other projects and collaborations

I was invited to contribute artwork for the generative book WrittenImages. For each print of the book all the processes submitted by the artists are exectued realising unique results for each book.

Earth, Apple and Moon are three small toy examples of using the library Fisica. These are 2D physics simulations ran twice, given the deterministic nature of them they will result in the same movements, collisions and resting positions of the bodies involved.

Collaborated on Cascade on Wheels, a traffic visualization project by Steph Thirion.

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